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If Google Search has been standing in as your online dictionary of choice, then the search box will now take you deeper into a word. The latest update gives you sample sentences, synonyms, origin, and translations to go with the meaning of the word you put into the query. Google has updated both desktop and mobile search with the more comprehensive definitions. Unfortunately, for now it’s U.S. only. Knowing Google, you can be sure it will be rolled out elsewhere as well.

Earlier, Google supported natural language queries. For instance, something like “definition Expeditious” or “What’s the definition of expeditious?” gave you the meaning, some synonyms, and a tiny More Info link that connected you to third-party resources like, and a drop-down menu for Google Translate powered language conversions. With the latest update, Google Search cuts through a few steps and saves you a lot of bother by displaying most of the word-related information front and center.

Word Definitions on Google Search

Most importantly, to understand the context, you will see sample sentences that bring attention to how the word is used. Synonyms, antonyms, the root of the word (etymology), and a graph that illustrates the usage over time give you the complete picture on that specific word. The ubiquitous Google Translate is also available with 60+ translations available for quick tongue-swapping. Also, if you tap the microphone on the Google Search app, you can hear the answers.

I am sure most of us would want Google to roll out these rich features to the rest of the world as soon as possible. If you are in the U.S., give us a feedback…if you are outside, pour your ire!

Source: Google Plus


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