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The developers of the video and image sharing site, Imgur released last Thursday their iPhone and iPad mobile apps. The Imgur free iOS app is similar to the Imgur Android app Imgur's New Android App Lets You Browse And Upload Images On The Go [Updates] Imgur's New Android App Lets You Browse And Upload Images On The Go [Updates] It's time to kick your cat-viewing into high gear: Imgur just released an Android app. Their new Android app gives users a way to directly browse popular images on the platform. With it you can... Read More released earlier this year.

Imgur (pronounced im-ij-er) allows you to browse the most viral images on the Internet, and vote and comment on them. Most of the displayed images are funny, cartoonish, entertaining, and sometimes insightful. Content can be browsed by Most Viral, or by the most recent posts. You can also view a random display of images, or do a SubReddit search of a topic you’re interested in. Selected photos can be copied and saved to your iPhone Camera Roll.

You can also upload photos straight from your own phone and submit them directly to the Imgur gallery. Posted images can be share to Facebook, iMessage, and a URL link to the iPhone clipboard. And if you register an Imgur account (which can be done using your Google, Twitter, Facebook or Yahoo account), you can favor and comment on individual images and videos, as well as of see the feedback by other other members.

The iOS apps also include handy finger gesture features for quickly updating galleries and browsing between images and videos.

The online version of Imgur contains a meme browser and creator that allows you to upload and create your own content, or customize existing favorites.


Imgur started as an online image hosting service, founded by Alan Schaaf in 2009 in Athens, Ohio. Let us know what you think of Imgur and its new iOS apps. Are there features you would like to see added?

Source: Mashable

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