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Do you want to try out Windows 7 RC? Check out various distros to choose your flavor of Linux? Or simply backup your data/media to DVD? There are many reasons we need a simple, fast way to burn disks.

ImgBurn is a CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray burning application that is fast, lightweight, and completely free.

Editor’s note: Disc compatibility depends on your CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD writer hardware.

Core Features

  • Create images from files and folders – useful to backup your data
  • Burn data files or images to disc – to burn downloaded software or movies
  • Create image file from disc – for creating copies of discs
  • Easily build DVD Video, HD DVD Video, and Blu-ray Video discs – for creating discs playable in your DVD player

You can also use ImgBurn to burn standard Audio CDs from any music files such as MP3, WAV. It supports a variety of image formats and almost all types of optical discs, so you don’t need to look any further for your disc burning needs.

Installation is fast and simple with the 1.9MB download. You can get a Portable version of ImgBurn here or easily create one yourself. ImgBurn runs on Windows and on Linux under WINE.


The welcome screen is very intuitive. You choose a mode of operation depending on your task:

  • Use the Write Mode to burn images to disc. For e.g., when burning a .ISO file to disc.
  • Use the Read Mode to create an image from a disc. For e.g., if you want to duplicate your friend’s disc, or create a backup copy of a disc, you would first create an image of the source disk.
  • Use the Build Mode to create data discs containing backup copies of your chosen files/folders.

    Burning Image (Write Mode)

    In the Write mode, you select the image file that you want to burn on disk, insert a blank disc, and click Burn.

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    Creating Image from Disc (Read Mode)


    The Read Mode displays information about the disc, and you choose the destination file for the image. Simple!

    Burn Data Files (Build Mode)

    If you want to backup data to discs, use the Build Mode. You can also use this to burn “VIDEO_TS” folders to create regular DVDs that play in your DVD player. You select files/folders in the left pane, and click the Calculator icon to see how much space will be utilized on the blank disc currently inserted.


    The Options Tab allows you to choose the file system on the target disc and other preferences. Advanced users can also change how file date/time stamps are set, create bootable discs, and set ISO9660/Joliet/UDF restrictions.

ImgBurn offers a plethora of options for intermediate and advanced users, via neatly organized groups in the Options dialog. It also has a fairly extensive list of command-line options, for automating it via batch files.


ImgBurn is fast, simple, and best of all, completely free. You will never need to pay for another disc burning software with ImgBurn in your arsenal! Check out the other popular free burner applications.

What do you think? Does it give Nero Burning ROM or any other commercial burning application a run for their money? Let us know!

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I’m doing fine with CDBurnerXP.
Mahendra: what Windows theme are you using?
I like it that the window title is centered and is not to the left of the title bar.



Yonathan: On my Win XP, I use the well-known SlanXP 2.0 theme by ~lassekongo83. You can find it at (


Funny, I use it too.
How come the windows’ names are centered?



thanks for this such nice review guys.. :)



It failed to create an Ubuntu live cd from the ISO file i downloaded :(



I really love this program. I use to use Nero Burning Rom and it takes for ever to install and just pretty much a pain in the you know where.

One of my friends recommended a free application called ImgBurn and I was like Oh? Gave me the link and I downloaded it and installed it and man was I happy. This free application that can burn almost anything you can think of.

I love the fact that I can burn ISO or other image files with this program. It really comes in handy and its great for us IT professionals, even at the office!

The next best thing is that its not very big like nero is so therefor more space on your system and it wont bog down your system like nero can!

This is the best CD/DVD writing program I have every yet to use!


this comment made me install this!!
thankx :D



Can it burn Audio CD?



After checking it, I’m back to CDBurnerXP, which is way more user friendly.



@Yonathan: Some people do find CDBurnerXP’s interface more user-friendly, but it requires Microsoft .NET framework to be installed. Newbies don’t know what .NET is, and some are averse to installing it, in which case ImgBurn is the best option. Many tests also report that ImgBurn is way faster at burning than CDBXP.

And yes, it can burn Audio CDs.

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