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Despite the ton of spam everybody gets in their mailbox, it is sometimes vital to post your email address online in blogs or forums. An excellent way to prevent spammers from getting your email address is to turn email address into image so the bots cannot detect it. Img4Me is an internet tool that can help you with that.

Img4Me lets you convert any text into an image. Simply type in the text, select the background and text color you want and click on generate. You can also customize the font and font size you desire in the generated image. Once the image is generated, you are provided a direct URL for the image as well as HTML and BB code to embed it on websites or blogs. You can generate the image as a png, gif or jpg format.

turn email address into image


  • Convert text into images online.
  • Customize by changing font, color and size.
  • Supports characters from non-English languages.
  • Embed the generated image anywhere on the web.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: TxtNinja and HideText

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  1. KnThrak
    January 21, 2010 at 12:28 am

    The one thing I'm not really sure about here is where this is necessarily better than just using Paint or GIMP to do the exact same in ~15 seconds.

    Sure the web version is slightly~significantly faster dependinging on your machine's program loadout and HDD speed, but do you really know whether they don't take the email addresses themselves and add them to spamlists to make some money off it?
    I mean call me paranoid, but the irony of an anti-spam email-address disguise site gathering email addresses to spam to would be good. ^_^