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If you tend to mindlessly scroll through Reddit (or any other image-sharing site), merely looking at memes and ignoring actual, informative articles, you probably realize how repetitive opening these images can be. In fact, that goes double if you don’t use the Reddit Enhancement Suite Use Reddit Like A Boss With This Combo Package Use Reddit Like A Boss With This Combo Package Today, we're going to take a look at a couple of browser extensions that will enhance your Reddit experience. One of them is an old fogey, so you might of already heard of it by... Read More . However, the Chrome extension Img2tab is a unique tool that automatically opens all of a page’s images in an entirely separate window.

The benefit of the extension is that it saves you some time while scrolling. No longer do you have to read through a ton of useless captions that all basically mean the same thing: “This picture is hilarious.” 

open all images on a page

You also have viewing options for the actual images on the page or the linked versions. Linked images are full-res while the actual images are usually ugly, pixelated thumbnails (as determined by the code’s IMG tag). You can view these images in a single tab or in multiple tabs in a new window.


Of course, not all of Img2tab is good. For instance, since the extension opens up all the images on a page, it opens up the bad ones, too. There’s no filter to prevent you from opening up a risque image while at work. Also, there’s no context for the pictures. Sometimes people will post photos that have a story, meaning that not all captions are completely useless.


Overall, Img2tab is a handy tool for the quick viewing of images all at once.


  • Contextual menu functionality
  • Opens all images on a page into another window or another tab
  • Options for linked images and actual images on a page
  • Designed for image-focused websites

Install Img2tab now at the Chrome Web Store.


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