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A visually appealing website is often a result of a developer’s creative talent. But creating a website requires coding as well – a skill not all designers have. IM Creator is a web service to solve this problem by letting you create websites without any coding requirements.

create web pages without coding

IM Creator is a web service that helps you easily create websites without any coding know-how. You can start creating your websites after you pick out a theme from the many that are available on the site. When you pick out your theme you click on any webpage element to start modifying it.


New elements can be easily added to your webpage. Available elements include images, text, photo galleries, slideshows, etc. If you are familiar with HTML you can access the page’s code and modify it or embed new widgets into your page.

When your webpage is finished, it is published as a subdomain of IM Creator. You can get your own domain through the site with a yearly payment.



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