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In your search for the best project management tools, this is another one that you should seriously consider. iManageProject is a cool project tracking and management system designs for serious collaborations. The tool borrows a lot of from the popular Basecamp while offering free and much cheaper premium packages – including the most useful features like Messages, To-dos, Milestones, Files, and even Writeboards.

project management tools like basecamp

If you are familiar to Basecamp, then you’d fit right in with iManageProject’s interface. Once you have created your first project, invite users then create a new message or to-do list. Add teammates to your messages to notify them via e-mail. Like Basecamp, your tasks are organized within to-do lists where you can specify actionable items and assign them. You can also attach a to-do list to projects milestones to track sets of tasks.

basecamp like project management

A very popular feature in Basecamp also included in iManageProject is the writeboards. A writeboard is a document where you can share any text like draft articles, ideas, suggestions, minutes of meetings, and more. Team members collaborate on a writeboard by editing them and comparing any other version side-by-side.

While Basecamp is still the standard for project management, it is interesting to find other tools that take the blueprint of Basecamp and offer a similar package with more affordable pricing. The Basic plan gets you 20 projects, 10GB storage, unlimited users, and time tracking – while the Enterprise Plan stretches you out to unlimited projects, and 100GB storage. All account offers includes a 30-day trial, but you can also sign up for an unrestricted free accounts which gives you one project and 1GB file storage.


iManageProject is a good tool for remote project managers who need the power and intuitiveness of Basecamp for the fraction of a cost. You might not get the elegant design and seamless interface that Basecamp is known for, but it is close enough that it gets the job done.


  • Basecamp like project management application.
  • Main dashboard shows information to all your projects.
  • To-do lists oganizes specific actionable tasks.
  • Easy file-sharing.
  • Track time worked.
  • Sort through project overview.
  • Set company permissions.
  • Collaborate through writeboards.
  • Free and paid plans available.

Check out iManageProject @

  1. Vanessa Lopsil
    April 20, 2011 at 5:13 am

    The problem with a lot of these project management web apps is that they are too slow.
    I don't have time to wait for the page to refresh every time I perform the smallest action.

    That's why I use

    No page refreshing. Clean, cool-looking interface. It's fast, simple and functional. Most of my projects are individual or with small teams and it has everything I need. You should be able to sign up but the beta is filling up super fast. Post here if you don't get in and I'll let you know when more spots open up.

  2. Ronald Monsenia
    March 8, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    Great post. It's important to consider how integrated solutions work as well, before loading up on separate project management apps. If you go with a single handed project management tool, you still have CRM and billing to worry about, which usually results in you over-paying for multiple applications and costly integrations, while the applications still won't communicate properly.

    Because of this, people are considering integrated solutions more closely. If you take WORKetc for instance, it combines CRM, project management, and billing already. They're deeply integrated, so no external integration is necessary, and you can manage an entire business under this system alone.

  3. Frederick
    March 2, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    Try - for project management process. Also it gives you to track issue, tasks and wikis.

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