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Do you want to test your knowledge of trivia about various topics? If yes, then there is no better place to do this than a site called ImageQuiz.

create image quiz

ImageQuiz is a free to use web service that lets you create fun image-based quizzes. You can start using the website by first creating an account. Once you sign in with your account you can create a quiz by completing the following steps – titling your quiz, adding a description, adding an image from your computer or optionally providing the URL of an online image, selecting the type of image, and optionally adding tags to your quiz.

When these things are done, you can mark outlines on your image and label them. Once you are done with drawing the outlines for different sections in the image, you can finalize your quiz and publish it online on a unique URL. You can share the URL with friends and others; when people visit the URL and go through the quiz, they are asked to click particular sections in the image. The responses are timed and once the quiz is over, the score is shown to the person who has taken the quiz.


Quizzes on the website are neatly classified into various categories that you can browse to check out the fun quizzes and test your trivial knowledge of numerous topics.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you hold quizzes based on images.
  • Quiz takers click on the right section of an image.
  • Time taken for quizzes is recorded and results are shown immediately.
  • Quizzes can be browsed according to category.

Check out ImageQuiz @

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