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If you’re looking for a really easy way to optimize your images for web so that they load faster and consume less bandwidth make sure to check out ImageOptimizer. Here you can quickly and easily optimize your images for web, as long as images are in GIF, JPG or PNG format and don’t exceed 300 KBs in size.

optimize your images for web

Start by selecting an image from your hard drive (or the web) and click on the “Optimize” button. Shortly after you should get a list of optimized images. Just pick the one you like most and save it to your computer.


  • Optimize images for the web.
  • Optimize as many images as you like.
  • Supported image formats: GIF, JPG, and PNG
  • Max. allowed image size:300 kB.
  • Similar tools: Smushit.

Check out ImageOptimizer @

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