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You will find all kinds of images being used on websites today. Sites do not adhere to a singular format or resolution for images which is why you might have to resize your browser at time to view parts of an image when you open it in a new window. In case you want to view all of a website’s images, that translates into a lot of clicking, resizing, magnifying, and restoring, depending on the website that you are checking out. Fortunately for users of Google Chrome, there exists an excellent solution in the form of a tool called Image Viewer.

image viewer

Image Viewer is a free to use browser tool for Google Chrome. This tool comes as an extension for Google Chrome. Once installed, you fill find its icon placed in the top right of your browser’s address bar. You can click this icon to extract the images from any webpage that you are viewing. The viewer for these images can be controlled by the options of the extension. You can set minimum width and minimum height for the image. You can also specify whether to fit the image according to the window’s height, width, or view its original size. Zooming speeds and rotation speed can also be controlled through sliders.

image viewer

The viewer lets you scroll through all the images of a webpage; single image can also be seen simply by right clicking on them and choosing the option. Moreover through Chrome’s options you can set a hotkey for the extension so you do not have to click the extension’s icon each time you want to view images.

image viewer



  • A user-friendly browser extension
  • Compatible with Google Chrome
  • Lets you replace image viewer
  • Can display images from a webpage

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