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Learning about the properties of an image hosted online or on any webpage can be of great use to a webmaster. For instance knowing the exact dimensions of an image can help a webmaster or graphics designer determine whether or not that particular image is useful for them. Other attributes have their respective advantages as well.

The Firefox add-on “Image Spider” helps users easily determine all these attributes of an online image.

image attributes

Image Spider is a small browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox which works in a uniquely simple way. Intended for webmasters, the add-on shows the attributes of any image online. All you have to do is hover your mouse pointer over the image and its properties are shown in a floating window.

image attributes

The most common attributes shown are width, height, and ID. For some images, their storage path is also shown in the floating window. Pictures on any webpage are automatically placed in a red frame. These color settings, along with others, can be modified in the add-on’s options.

image spider


  • A user friendly Firefox add-on.
  • Displays many attributes of any image on a webpage.
  • Attributes are automatically shown in a hovering window.
  • Color settings can be modified in the add-on’s options.
  • Intended for webmasters and graphic designers.
  • Similar tools: Picmeleo, Pixlr, ThePicLab, CMYKConverter, ConvertHub, EzyImageResizer and Watermark-images.

Check out Image Spider @ Image Spider :: Add-ons for Firefox

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