Get The Image Properties Context Menu To Find Out Everything About An Image [Chrome]

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image properties chrome extensionWhen I first came over from Firefox to Chrome, I spent some amount of time duplicating my browsing tools so that I wouldn’t have to change the way I browse too much. Now, it’s as easy as holding up a mirror because for every feature and add-on that Firefox has, the Chrome Web Store gallery can come up with something similar and in some cases even better. But then even the best laid plans sometimes go wrong.

Being a blogger and an editor there was one feature I missed. Firefox has a default image properties feature that gives you the basic dope on any image on a webpage. It is as easy as right-clicking on any image and selecting View Image Info. It is not even an add-on.

Strangely, Chrome lacks this feature, or let’s say that Chrome’s Inspect Element isn’t actually user friendly and is lacking when it comes to straight-up information. So, I guess it’s time to run to an extension.

Why Would I Want To Know About Image And Its Properties?

That’s also valid. After all, most us would be satisfied if the darned image just loads quickly on the webpage. If you belong to this category, stop reading. As a blogger, I sometimes need to know the dimensions of the image that has been used. Then there are file size limitations also. If you are interested in photography, a right-click tells you the EXIF information on a photograph (wherever it is available). Web developers literally need this sort of information in a snap.

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So, if you need to know image properties like the actual dimensions of the image, the source URL, the file size, or the EXIF data, then head for the Chrome Web Store and take a second to download the Image Properties Context Menu Chrome extension. It is a very simple extension and this is how it looks when you right-click on an image:

image properties chrome extension

A pop-up is displayed which displays the information as you can see in the screenshot below. Information displayed includes…

view image properties chrome

  • The location of the image and the source URL which is the actual absolute path to the image on the web server.
  • The dimensions of the image in pixels.
  • The Alternate text of the image, the Data URI, and the image’s MIME type would be of interest to webmasters.
  • The size of the image which is also a useful webmaster /editor tool because it shows at a glance if the image upload is within any prescribed image size guidelines.
  • EXIF data is one of the data points that only comes in if the said image has any associated with it. Not all do as many image upload processes strip out the data to keep sizes in check. But when you get to see the EXIF data, it is the quickest way to know more about the way the photo was shot.

    image properties chrome extension 

  • Last but not the least, the display window also showcases the image with an accompanying slider which lets you adjust the size.

The Image Properties Context Menu is a very simple extension, and when one compares it with Firefox, it is richer in information. Firefox does not give you the EXIF data or the Data URI. I am still surprised that Google does not give these features as a default. But till they do, you can head to the Chrome Web Store and install the extension. Don’t miss it because it has also been featured on our Best Chrome Extensions page under Developer Tools. If you are a web developer, tell us if this extension is of use to you.

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Javier Vega

Great, i had no idea there was an extension for this, thanks.


salim benhouhou

this will help me in so many ways


Leandro Toledo

What I really miss is that “Save image in folder” extension…That was a life saver…D’you know any extension that can do the same?



Saikat Basu

I haven’t tried it but you can take a look at the Image collector extension []. It is more like a bulk-downloader. Firefox has the add-on you are looking for.


Nikhil Chandak

I downloaded this tool
it was amazing


Mac Witty

Great, one more thing to slow down my browser ;) but I think I can take it

Saikat Basu

Not by much really…have been using it for quite a few months…it has been a timesaver…not to mention a mouse-saver :)


Boni Oloff

It shows all the image metadata. Nice.



is there something like this for firefox?


Jeremiah Iliffe

Wow, this is so cool. Awesome when you want to see what camera somebody used with what settings



thanks a lot. I needed this and found the answer here

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