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Images are an excellent way to get an idea or understanding of anything. Many computer users search Google for images of a certain word or object to completely understand what it is. At other times, people use images relevant to words to use in various kinds of projects. Whatever the purpose is, you normally have to open a new browser tab to look for images and access them. This redirects you from the page you were originally on. In case you are looking for a way to find images in a more convenient way, without being redirected form the webpage you are viewing, you should check out a tool called Image Dictionary.

image dictionary

Image Dictionary is a free to use browser tool for Google Chrome. The tool basically comes as an extension that you install on your browser. After it is installed, you can highlight a word on a webpage; right clicking on this highlighted word will display the option to search for an image that is relevant to that word. When you click on the option, the most relevant image from is searched and displayed in a floating window. This keeps your view on the same webpage as before with the searched image overlapping your webpage. Clicking anywhere else on the page will close the floating image window. Apart from the right click menu option, you can make the image window appear by double clicking a word while pressing down the Alt key on your keyboard.

image dictionary


  • A user-friendly browser extension
  • Compatible with Google Chrome
  • Lets you search for the most relevant image to a word
  • Fetches images from

Check out Image Dictionary @


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