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There is no doubt that smart phones today have made people addicted to them due to numerous features they provide. However, over usage of smart phones may affect your daily routine tasks. To solve this problem, you should give iMaddicted a try.


iMaddicted is an app for iOS users who tend to use their devices a bit too much even in situations where they should be focusing on the task at hand, for example, during social conversations, driving, etc.

The app does all this work by using alert sounds and vibrations. When you pick your phone up for no reason, the app will tell you to put it back down or enter a pass code if you want to use it. You will think twice before picking it up mindlessly.

You can configure the pass code, audio alerts, and vibration alerts from the Configure menu found in the app.


  • Lower addiction of iPhone and impulsive usage of phone
  • Focus more on tasks at hand – studying, driving, socializing
  • An easy to use and very effective app
  • Displays addiction level
  • Share results on different social networks

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