ILovePDF: Free PDF Merger and Splitter Online

If you want to edit every aspect of a PDF, including the content and the layout, you’re going to need a professional tool like Adobe Acrobat. If all you want to do is split one PDF into two, or combine two PDF’s into one, I Love PDF can do the job for you. This free pdf merger and splitter allows you to upload your PDFs and, as I said, combine or merge them.

ilovepdf   ILovePDF: Free PDF Merger and Splitter Online

The tool couldn’t be simpler: just select your files, and then tell the program how you’d like the combination or merging to work. You can merge up to ten PDF files into one, or split one PDF however you like. There is a limitation however: each PDF uploaded needs to be under 8 megabytes. For most home users this won’t be much of a restriction, however, so check it out.


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