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IKEA furniture is greatly easy to assemble. Many people have created simple but highly useful furniture using IKEA parts. At IKEAHackers, you can read about how other people have been creative with IKEA parts.

ikea furniture hacks

IKEA Hackers is a great website to visit if you want to make something creative and useful out of IKEA parts. On the homepage you will find user-submitted accounts and pictures describing their IKEA creations. You can search for specific projects by browsing categorically or by using the supported keywords search feature.

creative ikea furniture

You can also visit the site’s “Instructables” section to get how-to guides on different creative furniture pieces.


If you ever need any special help, you can log onto the site’s forums and interact with more experienced IKEA furniture enthusiasts to get advice and suggestions.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Helps people share details of creative IKEA furniture creations.
  • Lets you browse and search others’ IKEA creations.
  • Provides how-to guides.
  • Has a forum that helps interact with others and get furniture building advice.
  • Similar tools: IKEA Fans and IKEA SpaceMaker.

Check out IKEAHackers @

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