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ihound is an excellent software that helps you track and find stolen gadgets. Once downloaded and installed, it will alert you (via email) as soon as someone connects your device to another computer.

ihoundSoftware - Recover lost gadgets and cell phones

ihound Features

  • Track almost any USB device, including Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, Flash Drives, etc. For complete list of supported devices go here.
  • Free account: Track up to 3 devices for free.
  • Get email alerts as soon as someone tries to connect your device to his/her computer.
  • Let’s say a gadget you track got stolen, so how do you get it back? Once your device has been identified and tracked, you will be able to print a customized police report. Just take this report to your local police station and ask them to call the listed Internet Service Provider and obtain the address.
  • Currently works on Windows computers only (Mac support is on the way).
  • More questions? Go to ‘ihound software’ FAQ page.

[Video] ihound Installation Guide (for text instructions go here)

Get ihound @ For slightly more comprehensive (but non-free) alternative visit GadgetTrak.

  1. Miguel
    March 8, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    Looks like the GadgetTrak site listed has support for mobile phones, according to the site: Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and Sony... no iPhone support though. Not free, but looking at their site and reviews in comparison to iHound you get what you pay for. I tried the iHound and could not get it to work (on Vista), it was blocked by the Windows firewall, anyone else have this problem? Supposedly the Gadget Track solution gets around firewalls, not sure though as I have not tried it yet. My iPod is old and crappy so don't really need this, I am hoping someone steals it so I have an excuse for the wife to buy a new iPod Touch :-)

  2. michael eastern
    February 3, 2008 at 10:19 am

    No mobile phones are listed as devices that work here.

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