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Ignition is a free to use desktop application compatible with computers running Windows. The function of the application is to help you waste minimum space while burning data to discs.


To start using the application, you must first download and install its setup file sized at nearly 1.5 MB. Once this is done, you can begin specifying which files and folders you want burned to your discs. You can specify what kind of disc you will be using. For example, you can select the 650 MB, 700 MB, 800 MB, 880 MB, HD Burn Disc, DVD, Dual Layer DVD, or you can set a custom size. The application then computes these sizes and optimizes the file distribution in such a way that minimum wastage results while you burn your discs.

When you click the Optimize button, the results are shown for each disc along with stats for global wastage while burning your data and the maximum waste on a disc.

Through the figures you will find that the wastage percentage is remarkably brought down. No longer will you end up using 5 discs to burn your data where 4 could have sufficed.

The output of Ignition is in the ISO file format i.e. disc images are created that you can burn onto your physical discs. But if you want to directly burn the data from the app to a disc, you will need to get “Copy to DVD” from the developers of the same app.


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