IFTTT Automation For Your Facebook Page [Weekly Facebook Tips]

facebook icon   IFTTT Automation For Your Facebook Page [Weekly Facebook Tips]Facebook Page administrators realise that it takes time and effort to create a vibrant, useful page for fans to enjoy. While some administrators are paid for their efforts, many more are merely volunteering their time for a cause they believe in – their band, a local club or a cause. For these page admins especially, it’s incredibly useful to be able to automate as many of their tasks as possible.

Now, when it comes to automating social media tasks, the best place to turn is IFTTT. This is because you can take material from a huge number of sources and send it to somewhere else online, while sticking to some pre-determined rules and custom formatting. This can be invaluable when ensuring your Facebook page always contains relevant, regular information.

So, check out some of these great IFTTT automation ideas for Facebook Pages!

Facebook Pages & Twitter

Now, before you rush off to use IFTTT for this one, please note that Twitter/Facebook integration works very well directly. You can easily set up a Twitter account to post to your Facebook page or vice-versa. However, you may well know this and still need another way to customise these posts or post to another account.

There are dozens of options ready-made for Facebook Pages and Twitter, plus it’s possible to create your own recipe. Here’s a few you might like:

FB Page Twitter   IFTTT Automation For Your Facebook Page [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Facebook Pages & LinkedIn

Being business-oriented is normal for a Facebook Page, which is why integration with LinkedIn makes sense. Here’s some recipes which will make that link easier:

FB Page LinkedIn   IFTTT Automation For Your Facebook Page [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Facebook Pages & Blogs

Any Facebook Page owner with a blog knows that it’s irritating to have to post things in multiple places. Here’s some quick automation for RSS and WordPress:

FB Page Blogs   IFTTT Automation For Your Facebook Page [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Facebook Pages & Tumblr

Many people use Tumblr in order to share quick, colourful blog posts with the world. So, it’s great to see that there’s an easy way to get that Tumblr content to post directly into your Facebook page.

FB Page Tumblr   IFTTT Automation For Your Facebook Page [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Facebook Pages & Instagram

Instagram is a very popular way to share photos, so it’s no surprise that Facebook Page administrators might want to bring in content from Instagram. Here’s a few neat ways to do so:

FB Page Instagram   IFTTT Automation For Your Facebook Page [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Facebook Pages & Flickr

Very few people have the patience to upload photos multiple times. It’s fantastic to be able to simply upload once and see the photo automatically copied to another service for you. Here’s some useful Flickr and Facebook Page recipes:

FB Page Flickr   IFTTT Automation For Your Facebook Page [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Facebook Pages & Other Services

There are several other services which are easy to import into Facebook Pages. Here’s a few you might like:

FB Page YouTube   IFTTT Automation For Your Facebook Page [Weekly Facebook Tips]

More Reading For Page Admins

There’s a lot of great advice available for administrators of Facebook Pages. Here are a few articles you might learn a trick or two from:

What’s your favourite hack for automating your Facebook Page?

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Luca Vignando

Great article.
Maybe you could post something like this about Yahoo pipes? IFTT is quick and simple, pipes is not that simple but way more powerful.

Angela Alcorn

Pipes is indeed quite powerful, but it’s entirely RSS based. I could write an article on how to use Pipes to make the ideal feed for importing into Facebook, but then you’d still need to use something like IFTTT in order to import it.

Haval Abdulkarim

It’s awesome. I’m using it a long time ago.

shaurya gupta

Already knew this…An amazing service IFTTT is!!!

Mac Witty

Tanks will take a closer look for our new page

Keith Swartz

This is an awesome, awesome, ditto, ARTICLE! It would take the weekend Geek awhile to just do the research you have here! Thank you MS Alcorn for this Awesome article. Thank you MakeUseOf.com for assigning, encouraging & giving her the oportunity to write this encyclopedic volume of work and then to post on your website for the world too see! Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!


Hi Angela, do you know how to use ifttt to post wordpress posts direct to a facebook GROUP? I understand there’s a way of doing it using gmail but I can’t work it out. You basically send it to the group’s email.

Tina Sieber


In case you are still looking for a solution to this, I recommend asking your question on MakeUseOf Answers.

Angela Alcorn

You can use a WordPress to Gmail recipe (or an RSS to Gmail recipe) to automatically get the post emailed.


And yes, then all you need is the Facebook group’s email address to email the message to. It should work just fine.