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The BP oil spill that started on 20th April 2010 has become an environmental disaster that’s getting out of control. However, some people still fail to understand the size of the spill and the seriousness of the issue. IfItWasMyHome is a simple bp oil spill map that lets you put the oil spill anywhere on Google Maps so you can visualize the size of it.

For example, if you type “New York” into the box you can see that the spill is larger than the whole of New York City. The tool also automatically recognizes your location and put the spill in your city so you can get a good idea about its size. The site also offers tons of other information and tips on how serious the issue is and what can be done to help.

bp oil spill map


  • Visualize BP oil spill on Google Maps.
  • Move the spill to any location to get a¬†comparative¬†idea.
  • Share the map with friends and read tips on how you can help.
  • No registration required.

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