iFakeSiri: Create Fake Siri Conversations

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You must have seen a lot of videos online recently that show just how witty Siri is – and at times, how funny and awkward the answers may be given by her.

fake siri

iFakeSiri is an online tool that allows you to make mockups of Siri conversations by allowing you to enter the messages you want, and then converting it into a screenshot of the iPhone 4 to depict it being said by Siri itself.

To get started, just go to iFakeSiri.com and read the format in which the conversation needs to be input. Once done, type your very own funny conversation and click the “Create Siri Conversation” button. You will then be given the image, and its link to show your friends and never let anyone know that you created it yourself.


Check out iFakeSiri @ http://www.ifakesiri.com

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