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If the X-Men existed in medieval times, would they be casted as demons or witches? Or perhaps some of them would be worshiped as magical beings? Would a leader emerge amongst them? Illustrator Nate Hallinan explored the idea, which resulted in ‘The Order of X’.

This is a personal fan-fiction variation on the X-Men. I thought it would be a fun exercise to do the X-Men in an alternate medieval/fantasy reality. Prejudice and discrimination were rampant in our history. Being a darker and less civilized time, fear and hatred ran deeper making it an interesting setting for the X-Men. The task to protect and defend the ‘gifted’ would be near insurmountable. I’ve created short background stories for each character and I will be posting those along with the final images.

Nate will be expanding his series of characters. Current illustrations are also available in print.

What do you think of his idea? Do you get the feeling like it’s a mashup between X-Men and Lord of the Rings?

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