If Superheroes Were Flags

If superheroes were flags, I’d totally live in the Republic of Batman. I’m sure some of you will agree that designing a flag isn’t an easy task — so when Artist Fabian Gonzalez had to come up with fifty, I’d say it deserves some appreciation. If you like it, don’t even bother settling for a low-quality image — this artwork may be purchased from Society6, and is available as art prints, stretched canvases, t-shirts, hoodies, throw pillows and tote bags.

Can you name the superhero behind each flag?

Bonus trivia: a person who designs flags is a vexillographer.

superheroes flags   If Superheroes Were Flags

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Amrik Virdi

That’s a funny but interesting post.
I’d totally live in the Republic of Spiderman.


Jackson Chung

How about Green Lanternville?

Martin Ristovski

Flashedonia FTW.

Jackson Chung

That’s a good one!

Martin Ristovski

Can you make a list with all of the superheroes with the coresponding flags. There are some that I can’t recognize.

Jackson Chung

I’m sorry, even I don’t know them!


Absolutely! Flashedonia’s first president is Sheldon Cooper, wait, no – he’s the dictator. Great post Jackson Chung, kudos!

Jackson Chung

Thanks, Yaz!


There are some that i can’t figure out.

Jackson Chung

Surely you know the ones on the first row?


Best guesses – Batman, Superman, ?, Captain America, Thor, ?, Iron Man, ?, Green Lantern, Flash, Punisher, Martian Manhunter, Rorshach, Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, Cyclops, ?, ?, ?, Elektra, Hawkman, Thing, ?, Spiderman, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, ?, Robin, Dr. Manhattan, ?, He-Man, Space Ghost, ?, Daredevil, ?, ?, Green Arrow, Captain Britain, Alpha Flight, ?, Spiderwoman, Hawk and Dove, ?, ?, X-Men, V