If Pinterest Doesn’t Interest, Try These Alternatives For Men

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men women toilet sign   If Pinterest Doesnt Interest, Try These Alternatives For MenPinterest is a fascinating website that reveals the things people like, love, desire, and covet. For those that have so far remained immune to its lure, Pinterest operates on the basis of images found across the Web, with people pinning these images to their boards for others to either drool over or mock. Pinterest is, at heart, a social network, but one which rids itself of everything but pictures… lots and lots of pictures.

There is one small problem with Pinterest – it attracts mostly women. It’s estimated that around 70 percent of the Pinterest user base is female, with men being nothing more than bit-part players on the site. While this should be applauded — after all, the Web needs more corners where women reign supreme – it does mean men and their interests can get crowded out on Pinterest.

Thankfully some enterprising folk saw a gap in the market and seized upon it, and sites which are like Pinterest but aimed solely at men popped up across the InterWebs. What follows is a list of what we consider to be the four best “Pinterest for men” websites, presented in no particular order.

NB: Some of the following sites have been known to contain risque images, so you visit them entirely at your own risk. It should be noted, however, that the images are no worse than you can find from a quick Google search.

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manteresting homepage   If Pinterest Doesnt Interest, Try These Alternatives For Men

Manteresting clearly exists to offer a place for men to pin images of things that interest them. Rather than “pin” things, you “nail” them to a “workbench.

A quick look at the homepage reveals food, cars, and women seem to be the main focus of Manteresting. Content can be sorted by category, while there is also a ‘Random’ button and lists of the top posts made Today, This Week, This Month, and All Time.

Notable categories include ‘Architecture’, ‘DIY’, ‘Sports’, and the exquisitely titled ‘Manly Things’, but there are many more to choose from. Manteresting is a well-designed, simple-to-use Pinterest-alike.


gentlemint homepage   If Pinterest Doesnt Interest, Try These Alternatives For Men

Gentlemint looks more akin to the new Digg than Pinterest, but it offers a similar experience to the latter. Rather than “pin” things, you “tack” them, because tacking is more masculine than pinning, I guess.

A quick look at the homepage reveals infographics, memes, and weapons of all kind seem to be the main focus of Gentlemint. Content is sorted by popularity, with posts popular Right Now, This Week, This Month, and All Time.

Notable categories include ‘Cars’, ‘Fitness’, and ‘Popular Culture’… as long as it’s manly then it’s welcome. Gentlemint looks classier than most of the other Pinterest clones, but it essentially does the same thing as the rest of them do.


dudepins homepage   If Pinterest Doesnt Interest, Try These Alternatives For Men

Dudepins makes no secret of the fact it’s a Pinterest clone, just one that caters solely for men. Women aren’t banned, of course, but the content on offer has an especially manly feel to it. Rather than “pin” things you “pin up” images and videos.

A quick look at the homepage reveals hipsters, interesting designs, and lots of clothes. Which leads me to suspect this is more for refined gentlemen than laddish dudes, despite the name. Content can be sorted by category, with a button specifically bringing that which is trending to the front page.

Notable categories include ‘Animals’, ‘Travel’, and ‘Man Caves, the latter referring to rooms that generally feature lots of hardwood and gadgets. Dudepins is, for my money at least, the best looking of the Pinterest-style sites on this list.


tapiture homepage   If Pinterest Doesnt Interest, Try These Alternatives For Men

Tapiture has a distinctly Facebook feel to it, which will immediately put off those people who hate Mark Zuckerberg and co. It’s no surprise to find that joining via Facebook is heavily recommended, though there is an email option as well. Rather than “pin” things you “tap” content, including animated GIFs and SoundCloud audio.

A quick look at the homepage reveals male celebrities that all men aspire to be, and once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities. Content is sorted by category, with an added option to pare it down to what’s popular.

Notable categories include ‘Body Art’, ‘Science’, and ‘Men’s Style’, the latter of which brings those damn hipsters into focus once more. Tapiture boasts some great content, especially thanks to its embracing of more than just still images.


I feel more manly for having browsed these sites. Pinterest is nice and all, but it definitely has a slightly overpowering feminine touch to it. When I use Pinterest I often come over slightly funny, in exactly the same way I do when I get dragged into a women’s clothes shop. I think it’s the perfume ominously and omnipresently hanging in the air at all times.

These do all feel like Pinterest clones, but they fill a niche that needed filling. Unless and until Pinterest starts to cater for men and women on more of a 50/50 split, then these manly alternatives will continue to breed. As will the websites lightly mocking Pinterest.

What do you think of Pinterest? Does the disparity between the amount of content geared towards men and women bother you? Why do you think Pinterest appeals more to women than it does men? Which of the manly male alternatives to Pinterest listed here do you feel best caters for men? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image Credit: Alan Cleaver

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Roger Gardner

i like pintrest but like you said it is mainly for females. i am glad to see something for males. keep up the good work.

Dave Parrack

I like it too, but just occasionally it feels just a little overrun with females! Have fun checking these alternatives out.


Scott M

Thank you for these sites.I agree with Roger that Pinterest is an interesting useful site but this is much more suitable for the types of things I’m interested in.

Dave Parrack

This is the beauty of these clones… all the appeal of Pinterest but with less pink!


Bill L

Anybody else get a slight kick out of the plea for equality? ;)

Scott M

No plea for equality from myself just a statement that these sites will better reflect my interests.

Dave Parrack

How times have changed, eh!


Chris Marcoe

I just piggyback off my wife’s pinterest account. But I have to say: These look GREAT!!!

Dave Parrack

Keep doing that but for those times when you need some more manly content you can click on one of these :)



Sometimes I wonder if it has little to do with “interior design”. You can arrange and re-arrange your wall – a bit like to redecorate once home. Sometimes altogether, other time just buy some new cushions/add a new pin.

Dave Parrack

That’s a great analogy. I hadn’t thought about Pinterest in that way before.



Thanks for including us in your list, we are glad you’re enjoying the site. Cheers.

Dave Parrack

No problem. Thanks for creating a great site :)


Baldy Dog

I have been on Pinterest for about 6 months, and have several boards that are manly in nature..but my daughter got on my profile when it was strictly invilte only and created several boards for herself.
I do see some repinning of my pics by men, but the majority of repinns seem to be from women.
I will be checking out these manly clones as well starting with Manteresting..nailing a pic sounds so cool..

Dave Parrack

Oh man, that must have been annoying. Enjoy having a clone of your own :)


Gary Mundy

I feel a weekend well wasted coming on. :~)

Dave Parrack

It sure beats being dragged around clothes shops by your better half. I don’t know any men who can abide that.

Gary Mundy

When I was so lucky to have a better half I loved to go clothing shopping with her. She usually would buy one thing for her that I picked out so it was always worth while. ;~) She was one of a kind.

Dave Parrack

Agh, sorry for your loss, whatever the circumstances may be. This should act as a reminder to us all to appreciate what we have.



Gentlemint and Tapiture are my two favorites from this list and I definitely prefer them over Pinterest. I’m actually creating a pinterest like site myself for geeks and think it will also fit well with this list. You can check it out at http://Geekerbox.com


Jim H

Gave up on Pinterest when I had to change my password for the n-th time and was told I couldn’t reuse an old password. I’m a man, I can’t remember more than a few pass words. Now I’m going to man-up and try one of these sites.



Check out this new pinterest-like website just for men and bros its called bropin . com and its super fresh

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