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Google Play is filled with music players. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the incredibly useful, to the weird. Idrod Music Free seems to fall somewhere in the middle. It turns your Android screen into an old-school iPod Nano to play music. It is useful, interesting, weird, and just a little bit out of place on an Android device.


Besides playing your music in a way that feels like an iPod Nano, Idrod Music Free is also full of other features that are needed in any music player app. It has an equalizer, which allows users to tweak the sound of their music. It supports all popular music formats, so playing songs should never be a problem.

Of course, the main reason for this app is the novilty of having your device look like an iPod, and it certainly does that well. You can choose from nine different colors, so it matches your personality. It even features that wheel-based navigation that the iPod made famous.



Find Idrod Music Free on Google Play

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