iDoneThis: Online Calendar To Log Your Productivity & Track Progress

Here is another distraction-free app that also helps you become more productive. iDoneThis is an email-based tool that lets you log your productivity by simply asking what you did today. This tool records your answer in a month-view calendar so you can easily check your progress and motivate you to do better.

1023   iDoneThis: Online Calendar To Log Your Productivity & Track Progress

Once you have the tool set up, iDoneThis serves as your mini-assistant that reminds you to log what you did. Knowing that you got something done today and logging it is the best feeling in the world, especially after a productive day. You can only log thing you have done through your email. Once your logs fill up, you will hopefully notice a trend on whether you have been working for the past weeks or not. This tool becomes your pseudo note-taking app and work diary.

iDoneThis offers a clean execution of a very simple idea. This is especially useful for remote freelancers and workers to be able to record what they have done to move their business – be it closing a client, finishing a milestone, completing tasks, and more.

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