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Ideapi is a new structured document management tool that lets you create documents with sections and headings while collaborating with your team and clients in the process. To get started, you need to create an account with them. After that, any number of members can be added to the account. You can then share the documents you create and the collaborators can comment on them, discuss the briefs, and provide new ideas and suggestions. Changes to the individual document sections can be tracked, and admin rights can be given to certain collaborators.

structured document management

collaborate on documents

You can create your own templates according to the needs and nature of the documents. Also, you have control over who sees which document.

For more info watch demo video below:




  • Create structured documents with sections and headings.
  • Make your own templates.
  • Invite comments, ideas and suggestions on briefs.
  • Choose collaborators according to the document.
  • Appoint authors and approvers to reduce your work load.
  • Stay up to date with the discussions on briefs through email notifications.
  • Similar tool: Agilewords.

Check out Ideapi @

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