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iCyte: Capture Web Pages And Highlight Text In A Flash icyte logo1At some point, many of us will have to do some research, trawl through dozens of websites or like me; write an article. Have you ever found yourself with about fifteen tabs opened in your browser; all of which containing snippets of information that you hope to compile into something useful? Just keeping track of all those tabs is difficult enough – and printing them all off? Forget about that.

iCyte is a browser add-on that allows you to capture web pages, highlight text and save it to your account.

First, go to and click the big “˜Create an Account button‘. Then, ignoring the option to create an account, select your browser from the left side of the screen. It is supported by Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 & 8. Sadly, there is no Chrome option available.

When the download begins, you’ll be asked to close all browser windows. You have to do this in order for the installation to complete.

capture web pages

When it has done so, re-open the browser. It should automatically take you to the iCyte website where you’ll be asked to create an account. If it doesn’t automatically bring you their, go to the “˜Create an Account‘ page where you first downloaded the add-on and create an account there.  As you can see from the screenshot, it only needs a few pieces of information to capture web pages and there is no confirmation e-mail that needs to be retrieved. Once you have done this, you can begin using iCyte.


Go to the web page you would like to save. If there is text on the page of particular relevant to you then highlight it using the mouse as you would if your were going to Copy & Paste. While the text is highlighted, click the iCyte button along the top of the browser in the iCyte toolbar. A window will open.

iCyte: Capture Web Pages And Highlight Text In A Flash iCyte SC

Using this window, enter in the name of the project. So for example, if you’re researching flight prices enter in “˜Holiday Planning‘ or if you’re researching an essay, enter in the title of said essay. If you already have an existing project you want to add to, click the arrow to the side of the text entry bar and select the appropriate project. After that, you can enter in tags and notes about the web page you are saving. When you’re happy with everything, click “˜Save’ and you’ve captured the web page.

To view the web pages and highlighted text you have saved, click on the ‘View Cytes’ button in the iCyte toolbar. This will open up a sidebar in the browser with a list of all your different projects and “˜Cytes’. They’re easily recognisable because of the screenshots but you can use the search bar to find one quickly. In the screenshot, you can see that I have saved a Cyte of the homepage and a couple of my personal blog.

iCyte: Capture Web Pages And Highlight Text In A Flash iCyte sidebar

By clicking on one of these “˜Cytes’, the browser will load the Cyte in its full form. The quality is amazing and it looks just as it does when you viewing the actual web page. All of the links and buttons in the Cyte are fully clickable and will load their respective pages in a new tab. Along the top of the Cyte, there is an option to “˜View Live’. This will bring you to the original page of the Cyte.

All in all, iCyte is a great tool for those who research a lot and need somewhere to store all their information without printing off reams of pages. Do you know a similar tool? Cyte it in the comments!

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