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News aggregators like Google News are popular because not only do you get all the world’s news sources in one place, but they also allow you to customise what news appears How To Personalize News With 'Custom Sections' in Google News How To Personalize News With 'Custom Sections' in Google News Read More on your page.   Don’t like fashion or celebrity gossip?  Then just filter it out and never see it again.   iCurrent also follows this theme by allowing you to build your own custom-made news page which will ONLY show news that you WANT to see.

customize your own newspaper

After signing up and activating your account, you are first asked to choose at least three interests which you would like to receive news for.

customize your own newspaper

After selecting a minimum of three interests, your customised newspage will be built and you will be taken to it.
Now it’s time to tweak and customise your page even further.  Down the left hand side of the page is a column of different categories such as Business, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, and much more.   Just click on a category and you will be taken to modules which look like this:

customize your own newspaper

If you want to include one of these modules on your iCurrent news page then all you need to do is click the green + button in the top left hand corner.   To remove it again, just click the red X button in the top right hand corner (it appears when you mouse over the area).

What makes iCurrent cool is that you can set up your own custom modules with search terms that you specify.   So say you have an overwhelming love for Britney Spears and you want all Britney news delivered immediately and directly to your iCurrent page.   First, just search for her in the search box at the top left :

customize your own newspaper

Click on the search result you want and at the top, you will see an option to add the channel to your page.  Clicking on that green link adds all Britney news to your iCurrent page.

customize your own newspaper

Now you can make your page “learn” what you really like and dislike by clicking on voting buttons. Just hover over a story link and you will be asked if you liked or disliked the story.
customize your own newspaper

When you click on a chosen arrow, you will then be asked for more specific information on what you would like to see on your iCurrent page:

customize your own newspaper

All in all, iCurrent is an excellent way to get only the news you want, and if you are looking for a good browser start page, this would be a good one to consider.

  • Customize your own news webpage, just like Google News.
  • Have complete control over what you see, filter out what doesn’t interest you.
  • Vote stories up and down so the website “learns” better.

Check out iCurrent @

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