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The Bible is the most reproduced book in the entire world having been translated into hundreds of languages and published by thousands of book publishers and binders throughout the ages. Now, it’s available on your PC and phone.

iBible is a web app that lets you read entire Bible online. It has the entire bible (both testaments) translated into several languages including French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish. It’s very simple to use and it has no requirement to set anything up.

read entire bible

The home screen of iBible is a list of languages which in turn will direct you to a list of chapters and sections which the reader can select to skip to them right away. All the sentences are numbered for quick and easy referencing and all the text is properly typed and laid out – not just bad quality PDF copies which I’ve seen in the past.

Because the majority of the app is text, it’s suitable to be loaded on almost and device with access to the internet such as an iPhone, a PSP or a basic GPRS mobile phone.

Check out iBible @ (by Dean Sherwin)


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  1. bigdog
    November 13, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    Well since it is also misinterpreted by almost everyone. Why not go to a site that will examine the versus of the bible? Even those bible stories your parents or pastor or priest would rather you not know existed.....

    the truth shall set you free (from dogma).