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IAmA With Firefox For Android Team, Rock Paper Scissors Robots & More [Best Of Reddit] redditalienHere at MakeUseOf, we love Reddit. We love it so much we wrote a massive guide on making the most of Reddit. We even had a Q&A with Reddit general manager Erik Martin. There must be a reason we all love Reddit so much. The amount of information and entertainment available on Reddit is truly staggering. One minute you could be reading an Ask Me Anything with a celebrity and the next be watching a hilarious YouTube video and looking at funny pictures.

For some people, Reddit is a little overwhelming, and that is understandable. That is why we are going to bring you some of the best posts and threads from Reddit every week. If the thought of looking at hundreds of threads every week is a little daunting to you, you have most certainly come to the right place. This week we will look at an IAmA with the Android for Firefox development team, a TodayILearned about a professional wrestler and so much more.

IAmA with Firefox for Android Development Team

Firefox finally issued a massive update for their Android browser last week that brought it from being an unusable piece of garbage to one of the best browsers on the platform. A large group of their developers sat down and answered questions from the Reddit community.

IAmA With Firefox For Android Team, Rock Paper Scissors Robots & More [Best Of Reddit] redditmeharder e1340911969373

There is some interesting bits about the development process, feature requests for future updates and talk about some of the serious problems with their first offering. They are also cool guys who are quite funny.

TodayILearned Professional Wrestler John Cena is a Really Good Guy

I don’t know about you guys, but when I think of professional wrestlers, I do not usually think of kindhearted goodwill ambassadors. It turns out that is just what John Cena is. He has done more Make a Wish foundation appearances than anyone and spends a lot of time with US soldiers.

IAmA With Firefox For Android Team, Rock Paper Scissors Robots & More [Best Of Reddit] johncenaTIL e1340912081246

The thread also offers a lot of other information about the world of professional wrestling and how many of the participants are actually good people. After reading through this thread, I have a new appreciation for wrestlers.

Rock Paper Scissors Robot

Before you dive into the comment thread, click the link and watch the video. This robot plays rock, paper, scissors and wins one hundred percent of the time. Reddit users discuss how it works, and there are plenty of jokes to be had.

IAmA With Firefox For Android Team, Rock Paper Scissors Robots & More [Best Of Reddit] rockpapersciccorsrobotreddit e1340912158200

Reddit user JustMadeYouYawn actually links to a game where you can play against a highly skilled computer. Check out his comment, and see how you fare against the computer.

Diablo 3 Collection of Guides and Tips

IAmA With Firefox For Android Team, Rock Paper Scissors Robots & More [Best Of Reddit] diabloguides

This one is for you Diablo 3 players out there. This collection of guides features some of the most useful Diablo 3 tips and tricks on the Internet. Other Reddit users created most of the guides. This is just a fine example of the kind of helpful and knowledgeable people you will regularly meet on Reddit.

IAmA with a Wildland Firefighter

There have been some serious issues with wildfires in the last couple of weeks in the United States, so this is an incredibly appropriately timed IAmA. He happens to be out of work this season due to an injury, but he still has plenty of stories to tell.

IAmA With Firefox For Android Team, Rock Paper Scissors Robots & More [Best Of Reddit] firefighterama

Not only does he answer questions about what the job is like, he also offers some helpful comments on how to survive if you are unable to evacuate your area in a wildfire. This comment is a good example of some of the potentially life-saving tips he offers.

The Reddit community came strong with some fantastic questions and Osiris32 did a great job answering most of them. This is an entertaining, and potentially life-saving IAmA.

Interesting Discussion on the Value of a Video Game

Over at lesser-known gaming Reddit r/truegaming, users dig into much deeper topics of the gaming world. Whereas r/gaming is more about memes and nostalgic images, truegaming is all about discussion. This one piqued my interest because it’s an interesting issue in gaming. If you spend $60 on two games, and one is eight hours and the other 100, is the 100-hour one better just because you played it more?

I recommend reading through a good majority of this discussion because it might make you think about the way you perceive the value of a game. Some intelligent people make some great points in this thread.

Subreddit of the Week

IAmA With Firefox For Android Team, Rock Paper Scissors Robots & More [Best Of Reddit] frugalreddit

In this section, I will discuss a particular Reddit that you should dip your toe into. This week you should look at r/Frugal. This is the place to go if you are looking for interesting ways to save money. Some of the people are a little extreme, but if you pick up bits and pieces, you may just find yourself with some more cash in your pocket at the end of every month.


So there you have it. Check these awesome Reddit threads out and enrich your very soul.

If you stumble across any awesome content on Reddit, leave a comment, and I may just include it in next week’s Best of Reddit!

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