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“I Need Name” is a free to use web service that helps webmasters in finding available domain names. The website mainly targets Google Chat users as its users. All you have to do in order to use the website is to add the site’s contact to your Gtalk contacts.

i need name

Once that happens, you will instantly be able to view the online status of the contact you added. Named ‘domain’, you can begin chatting with this contact. The purpose of this chat is to help you quickly determine whether or not a particular domain is available. If you want to search for an available domain, all you do is click on the ‘domain’ named contact in your Gtalk list.

In the chat window that opens up, you enter the domain name you want to search. The service quickly looks up the availability of the domain name and notifies you of the results as a chat response. For example, if you want to see whether or not our domain name is available, you will type as a chat message to your Gtalk ‘domain’ contact. The response will be a ‘not available’ message along with the time taken to conduct that search and give you that message.

You can see the above screenshot for reference. Conversely, you can see the bottom screenshot for a search for an available domain and ‘I Need Name’ giving you a positive response.

I Need Name: Search For Domain Name Availability Through Gtalk / Google Chat Chat



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Helps you search for available domains.
  • Works through Google Chat.
  • Provides you with responses on chat.

Check out ‘I Need Name’ @

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