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If you’re a Mac user, you probably know all of the fancy finger gestures How To Use Your Trackpad To Powerfully Navigate Any App [Mac] How To Use Your Trackpad To Powerfully Navigate Any App [Mac] Read More that navigate you from screen to screen. Although very cool, these features are obviously just for show. The animations are somewhat slow, and sometimes Command+Tab just doesn’t provide very much information. With HyperSwitch, you can amp up your app-switching to that of a pro. (I don’t know of any professional app-switchers, but just go with it, okay?)

The app can run in the background if you so desire, and it also allows you to switch between window thumbnails rather than app icons. This is very helpful when you don’t exactly know which app you were using for what – take PhotoShop versus Illustrator, for instance. Furthermore, you can switch between windows within apps, and if you hit the up-arrow key, you’ll be able to see common functions for the individual app. For example, iTunes will allow you to play, pause, and switch between songs.

quick switch apps mac

The app operates almost exactly like your normal app-switching function, but it does not overwrite the default keys. Using its own default settings, you can use Option+Tab to switch between apps and Option+§ to switch between app windows. For those of you who do not have an § key, you can modify the key settings to your own liking.


In the end, HyperSwitch is a useful app that gives you a better visual experience while using your Mac. Could you do without it? Of course. However, you’ll be happier with it in your Applications folder.



  • Shows window thumbnails when switching apps.
  • Faster switching than default switching.
  • Allows you to use common app functions.
  • Icons size can be adjusted.
  • Still in beta, so some bugs may be present.

Install HyperSwitch now.

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