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YouTube is still the number one destination for the majority of the web’s video, a fact that’s hardly surprising considering what is available for free. Content producers can upload as much as they like, opt-in to advertising in order to monetize content and build loyal followings among the service’s dedicated community. Hyper is an app for Windows 8 users that allows the viewing and downloading of YouTube videos from the Modern UI How To Quickly & Easily Disable The Metro User Interface In Windows 8 How To Quickly & Easily Disable The Metro User Interface In Windows 8 One of the most striking things about Windows 8 – beyond the Metro user interface – is the lack of a traditional Start menu in favour of tiles. However with a desktop view available for... Read More .

In addition to being able to watch and rate videos in standard definition, 720p and 1080p, users can specify to save the video in these qualities too. By connecting a Google account, it’s possible to sign in to access subscriptions, playlists, likes and favourites from the app which integrates seamlessly with the new Windows 8 desktop.

To search, simply launch Hyper and start typing. Hyper allows you to watch videos, such as music videos, in the background or using the Windows 8 snap view which allows you to pin a playing video on one side of the screen.

Users can even download multiple videos at once in differing qualities, with Toast notifications to signify completed downloads. Being a modern app, Hyper for YouTube works on both Windows 8 or RT.


  • Watch and download YouTube videos from your Windows 8 or RT desktop.
  • Save standard defintion, 720p and 1080p quality video.
  • Subscribe, like, watch playlists, rate videos.
  • Pin the app to the side of your screen or leave videos running in the background.

Download Hyper for YouTube at the Windows Store

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