Huntsy: Organize & Keep Track Of Your Job Applications

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Huntsy is an online website and tool that allows people to hunt for jobs and never miss an opportunity. There are many times, when users come across a job advert that suits them, to only find that the job application deadline is closed, or already taken by someone else.

keep track of your job applications

Huntsy makes the whole process easier and quicker.  Once you have made an account on Huntsy, use any other website such as Careerbuilder to find a job listing that suits your needs or is most appropriate for you. Paste the link of that job listing on Huntsy and Hunsty will gather all the data and keep sending you regular reminders allowing you to follow up. You can add notes; add your resume, draft cover letters, and more.

Huntsy’s main aim is to ensure that you stay on top of the ladder as you apply for multiple job listings and keep in regular touch with each one of them, as you never know when opportunity knocks.


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You can also install a bookmarklet into your browser so as you’re browsing through different job listings, you can press the “add to huntsy” button and it, unsurprisingly, will do just that so you can avoid copy-and-pasting.

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