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indie gamesThere are a handful of really great free games, but in general, if you want quality, you’ll have to pay. People who don’t want to spend any money on games often don’t know what they’re missing.

Wolfire has announced an incredible limited time deal – five of the best indie games, normally retailing for a combined price around $80, can be purchased for any price you want, and the proceeds will go to charity!

There’s no middle-man, no DRM protection, and the games are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Be fast though because this offer only lasts until Tuesday!  The site supports Paypal, Amazon and Google Checkout, and you can choose a-la-carte how your money will be divided between the indie game developers and different charity organizations.

1. World Of Goo

World of Goo, first released on the Wii, was developed by 2D Boy, an indie developer headed by two former EA Games employees. This simple puzzle-platformer was well received by critics all over the globe, and has received an aggregated score of 91%!

World of Goo is both a fun game and a figurehead of the indie gaming world.


indie games

In the game, you’re using balls of Goo. The goal is to overcome all obstacles and get a predefined number of balls to the exit. The only way to reach the exit pipe is by building large structures, like bridges and towers, with your Goo balls.

Normal retail: $20 | Official Website | YouTube Trailer

2. Aquaria

Aquaria was developed by Bit Blot and released late 2007. Like World of Goo, Aquaria was critically acclaimed, and also won the Grand Prize in the 2007 Independent Games Festival. In the game, you play with Naija, a mermaid with memory issues. Along the way, you uncover those murky details of her past, and the world itself.

indie games

This indie game can be best defined as an ambient action adventure game. Naija swims around in two dimensions, and interacts with her world by song. These songs allow her to manipulate the environment, or even toggle appearances and abilities.

Normal retail: $16.55 | Official Website | YouTube Trailer

3. Gish

Gish was released mid-2004, and has received (wait for it…) a number of prizes, including the Grand Prize of the 2005 Independent Games Festival. Gish, a oftentimes-friendly ball of tar, is our main protagonist. His friend Bea has been kidnapped and taken into the sewers of Dross. You’re going after her.

indie games

As a ball of tar, Gish has some nifty abilities. Besides normal movement, he can make himself sticky, slick and heavy. This can help you seize almost any terrain to your advantage, by climbing walls, sliding down aqueducts, or simply crushing your enemies.

Normal retail: $19.95 | Official Website | YouTube Trailer

4. Lugaru HD

Luguru HD has been developed by Wolfire, the same guys who are hosting this limited time deal, and is a cross-platform third-person action game. The protagonist goes by the name of Turner, a violently fast combat bunny. His quest is to find the monsters who slaughtered his village, but he soon stumbles onto matters far more horrible. A conspiracy involving the leaders of the rabbit republic.

free indie games

Most remarkable about Lugaru HD is its innovative combat system. The moves are not standard button-bashing, like in most games, but intuitive move combinations. Furthermore, Lugaru HD employs constant ragdoll physics, so your enemies actually react to your fighting instead of simply loosing a few hit points.

Normal retail: $19.95 | Official Website | YouTube Trailer

5. Penumbra Overture

Penumbra Overture is the first game in the Penumbra trilogy, a series of survival-horror physics-puzzle games. Having played other games in the series, this is the game I was personally most excited about.

free indie games

Penumbra hangs around with some of the most realistic and interesting game concepts. Instead of giving you a gun and a horde of zombies, Penumbra works in stealthy, and ever more creepy ways. You can use a melee weapon or throw objects, but largely you’re “simply” sneaking around and solving problems.

Normal retail: $20 $5 | Official Website | YouTube Trailer

What do you think of the ‘pay what you want’ system? Do you know any other great indie deals? Speak your mind in the comments section below!

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