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The Humble Indie Bundle has returned once more and contains perhaps the finest line-up of games seen in a bundle yet. In this fourth instalment buyers will receive DRM-free versions of top-down shooter Jamestown, musical platformer Bit.Trip Runner, 2D side-scroller Shank, physics puzzler Nightsky HD and the frustrating yet addictive Super Meat Boy on either Windows, Mac or Linux.

The total cost of the package if bought separately is around $100, but as always the Humble Indie Bundle allows gamers to choose their own price. In addition to these five titles, gamers can get two more for free should they donate more than the average donation amount.

At present the average donation is hovering around the $5 mark and the bonus titles are past favourites Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+. Once gamers have named their price they will receive a downloadable copy of the game as well as a key to redeem the game on Valve’s content delivery platform Steam.

The bundle scheme now runs regularly and gives gamers the chance to grab a bargain and support charity, as well as game developers. It is entirely up to the buyer to decide how the money is distributed between developers, charities and the website itself. Supported charities include the American Red Cross and Child’s Play, a charity that organises toy and game drives to children’s hospitals all over the world.

The Humble Indie Bundle will run for two weeks and organisers already managed to sell 200,000 bundles on opening day yesterday, with Linux users currently contributing the highest average donation.


Download: The Humble Indie Bundle #4 @

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