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Hulu has recently managed to woo Apple and is now able to offer Hulu Plus for users of Apple TV. The new Hulu Plus app appears in Apple TV alongside the Netflix app and is available to use immediately.

The basics of using Hulu Plus in Apple TV should be familiar to anyone who has used Hulu Plus before. Hulu Plus subscribers must enter their login information to gain access, while new users will be able to enjoy a one-week trial before deciding if they’d like to commit. A Hulu Plus subscription is $7.99 per month and only available to users in the United States.

As with the Hulu Plus app on other devices, users can browse a number of different sections, such as popular and recommended. Cross-platform pause/resume is supported, which means you can watch part a show on your Apple TV, pause it, and then resume watching on a mobile device or computer.

Not all the news is positive, however. Hulu Plus can’t break the license agreements with its content providers, some of which insist that content be web-only. That means you can’t view those items via your Apple TV or any other device besides a computer. Content providers would rather that you purchase a movie or show rather than streaming it through Hulu.

Users should see the Hulu Plus channel appear automatically. If it has not yet appeared, try restarting your device by going to Settings, General and then Restart. The new app should appear once the device reboots.


Source: Macworld

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