Hubstaff: Virtual Management For Managers & Contractors

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In the online-friendly business world of today, outsourcing contractors is no longer a strange concept. In fact, the very website you are reading right now employs writers who are based all over the world. It’s a tactic that works thanks to the infrastructure and technology in place, but there’s no denying that keeping track of projects that are being worked on by outside contractors can be a challenge at times.


Hubstaff is designed to take the difficulties out of managing contractors, staff and projects that rely on the Internet for completion. Not content with being just another project management tool, Hubstaff is designed to run alongside whatever your business is already using; be it Basecamp, Asana or other supported software.


Hubstaff tracks time spent on projects, can capture screenshots of work being produced and can even record mouse usage and keystrokes. The concept is designed to bring virtual managers closer to the projects and contractors they are overseeing, and the software also makes it easier to produce progress reports, payslips and renumeration documents and takes less than 60 seconds to install.

The service is currently free while still in the beta phase of development.


  • Integrates with a range of popular solutions including Basecamp and Asana.
  • Completely free, no credit card required for the duration of the beta (management, employees and contractors).
  • Create reports of time spent on projects by time, contractor or task.
  • Capture screenshots of work being done, record time spent on projects without switching out your current project management solution.

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