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Are you tired of reading news that you barely care about? Maybe you want to know about Sports and all you get is Politics? Well, Hubi is where you should go then.

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With Hubi, users can zoom in to any location on Google Maps and find locals newspapers agencies in the region. The service shows different markers on the map which represent local newspapers. Users can view newspapers they want and read the news, they are interested in.

An interesting feature on Hubii is the “Mapazine” which allows users to create their very own personalized newspaper; with only news according to their requirements and interests. Once made, the users can check the newspaper daily to catch the latest ‘buzz’.

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Some key features of the website are:

  • Free service
  • Saves time as unwanted news articles can be left out and more interesting ones read
  • Mapazine allows users to create their own newspaper, with news relating to their own interests and hobbies
  • Similar tools: NewspaperMap, TodaysFrontPages and NewsPapers24.

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  1. Guest
    December 18, 2011 at 8:04 am

    I would say that Hubii, at this stage, can be summarize as a free service for news readers which can browse and read news in three different ways:
    1. the News Browser; this allows you a fun, slick and neat way of browsing news. Just move the map around and zoom into the area you wish to obtain the latest news of that geographical area. You can filter by a set of different filters which shall allow you to find the news you want. Each pint on the map, news hub, contains the publications of that area. By clicking on it, you can also filter that publication. The News Browser is also enhanced by some visual components; at this stage only the Heatmap is available although the Search Cloud should be deployed within a week.

    2. Search; the search functionality is very very simple and provides you with a neat breakdown of the sources of information talking about your subject of interest. It provides you with also some filters; publication name, news category and type of publication. You can also filter by language and timeline (currently only 15 days back in time).

    3. Mapazine; the Mapazine is your personalized newspaper. It requires you to register, although it is free. The Mapazine contains three area; the Read Later articles which are the articles you have been saving to your Mapazine as you have been browsing around, your Publishers which contains the list of publishers you are subscribed to and your Searches which are the search strings you have saved to your Mapazine (from the search results). The beauty of the Mapazine, among other things, is that you can have a multi-dimensional filtering while reading the news; thus you could have chosen "The Guardian", "San Francisco Chronicle" and "Reuters" and read all these three newspapers at once but only for the "Technology & Science" category.

    For this first version of Hubii the team has put emphasis on the user experience with regards to searching and consuming news.

    Hubii is still in early Beta and new deployments take place every 24/48 hours containing bug fixes and enhancements.