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If you want a certain app for your iPhone, usually you will have to visit the Appstore and then search for the app or browse the store titles based on category or popularity. If you are too lazy to do this and wish the apps would find you based on your interests, check out Hubble. It is an app for your iPhone, which works in the background and will automatically suggest great apps and deals based on your interests and other contextual information.

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Once you download and install the app on your iPhone, you simply select your interests from among 16 categories (Athlete, Parents, Music buff, Gamer etc), which are used to suggest relevant apps for you. There are other ways the apps are recommended – it analyzes the apps already installed on your phone, uses your demographic and location information and uses your behavioral contextual information. If you are reading an article about fashion or movie, etc, this information is also used to suggest relevant apps.


There are 2 more ways to get new apps – “Apps from News” and “Apps from people”. “Apps from People” are recommended apps from your friends and Tastemakers and “Apps from News”  suggests the latest trending apps from the web, which are featured on top technology blogs and news channels.


  • Recommends apps based on your interests, already installed apps and your contextual information.
  • Receive hottest Apps and Deals every day.
  • Follow app suggestions from friends and Tastemakers.
  • Super fast app search engine.
  • Get related apps for each selected app.
  • Similar tools – Discovr Apps, Appsfire.

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