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You may have spent several hours designing your form in PhotoShop, it may look shiny and well-aligned. However, unless you’re familiar with PHP or got your own web designer there is no way to add it to a website. Every form requires a backend code, a script that grabs the input data and processes it. And that’s where WFF comes in, it’s an open source online form generator which automatically generates the necessary backend code to tie your form to a database. Simply upload your form and ‘Thank You’ file, and WFF will do the rest.

WebFormFactory - Form Backend Code Generator

Combine it with previously mentioned phpForm, and you have everything you need to design and place forms on your website.

WFF Features

  • Choose form typ, database or email form. The email form grabs the inout data and sends it over to the specified email address.
  • Choose which PHP version should be used for backend code: PHP 4, PHP 5 or PHP 5.1
  • Tie your form to a ‘Thank You’ file.

Check out WebFormFactory @

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