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Most of us are familiar with Google Analytics and how it helps us understand visits to our website. But if you are more interested in technical stuff like load times, JavaScript loading, file requests, performance scores, and more, then you should check out HTTP Archive. This tool lets you play around with different data that accurately describes how your website works.

measure website performance

HTTP Archive provides insight into the Internet in a clean and actionable interface. This data includes fun stuff like bytes per page by content type, individual resource response size, most popular scripts, image formats, and much more. With this tool I quickly learned that Google Analytics is the most popular JavaScript snippet on the Internet. I also learned that 47% of websites are still using Flash, and that Flash is still the slowest loading element on a website.

HTTP Archive also provides a graph of your website’s performance, including response time, and top requests. They also have an awesome filmstrip that takes a screenshot each second as it loads the page so you can see how your page loads frame by frame. You can see an example here.


  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Shows check website loading times and performance with interesting data.
  • Aggregates data from different websites to show the state of Internet.
  • Great way to check what bugging your website.
  • Similar Tools: Alertfox, WebsiteSpeedTest, GTMetrix, and Slowcop.

Check out HTTP Archive @



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