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MediaWiki is popular wiki platform used by many people and organizations as a collaboration tool online. However, unlike with WYSIWYG editors or office word processors, you have to learn its wiki syntax to be able to write and edit pages in rich text format.

HtmlToWiki is a handy HTML to wiki markup converter which lets you instantly convert HTML code into MediaWiki syntax. So if you are more familiar editing text in HTML, you can write it HTML first and instantly convert it to a MediaWiki format. This way you can get text formatted they way you want it without learning Wiki markup syntax.

html to wiki markup converter


  • Easily Convert HTML to wiki code.
  • Ajax based tool. Converts things as you type them.
  • Free, no sign up needed.

Check out HtmlToWiki @

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  1. Melvyn
    July 9, 2009 at 2:23 am

    I'm trying to convert a nicely formatted email in Outlook into MediaWiki syntax.
    This tool fails miserably.

    I've found two other tools which produce fair-to-poor results:

    If anyone has a "good" tool I'd appreciate knowing about it.