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See a quick table of contents for any page on the web. HTML5 Outliner is a simple Chrome extension you can click anytime to see an outline for most pages. Using the document outlining algorithm in HTML5, this plugin gives you a quick outline for almost any page – even some that don’t use HTML5. Just click the icon in your address bar and overview any page at a glance.

web page overview

Results are mixed, depending on the implementation of the standard, but in most cases you’ll get a quick overview. Click any of the links to immediately jump to a particular section. This could be perfect for people who regularly browse long articles, such as academics. It’s a plugin that’s useful, but also teaches you the possibilities of an existing standard – and shows you how inconsistently that standard is used.

  • An easy-to-use Chrome extension.
  • Shows a bulleted outline of any page’s contents
  • Uses the document outlining algorithm in HTML5
  • Works on sites without HTML5, though not as well
  • Perfect for browsing long articles
  • Great way to get a quick overview of any page and quickly browse it

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