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If you are planning on building a new website today, it would be wise to start learning the best HTML5 practices to future-proof your website. HTML5 Boilerplate is a collection of front end template that you can use to create and set up websites. The great thing about HTML5 Boilerplate is that you can just select the bits and pieces that you only want to integrate in your project.

To use the HTML5 Boilerplate, simply download the zip file which contains all the basic files you need when making and designing websites (HTML, CSS and JavaScript templates). Just extract the contents of the file and start using them as the template for your website project. Some of the modern features that are already incorporated into the HTML5 Boilerplate include cross-browser compatibility, mobile browser optimizations, jQuery and Modernizr libraries, Normalize.css, and many more.

What’s most interesting here is how many large companies use the HTML 5 Boilerplate template to start their websites while pushing HTML 5 development. Some of these websites include Google’s Project Rebrief, Microsoft’s Surface website, Nike, and even Barack Obama. Given this impressive list of projects, this framework is something that most developers should study and start with.

The HTML5 Boilerplate is really useful tool to jumpstart the creation of your new website, whether you are starting from scratch with HTML5 or applying an existing design to a new framework.


  • HTML5-based front-end template.
  • Includes a sample of best practices for HTML 5.
  • Select easily what you want to include in your project.
  • Open source.
  • Mobile-friendly HTML template.
  • Optimized Google Analytics snippet.
  • Placeholder touch-device icons.
  • Includes jQuery and Modernizr libraries, as well as Normalize.css.
  • Similar tools: Eenox and Swiffy.

Check out HTML 5 Boilerplate @

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