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If you are a designer and your life revolves around HTML and CSS, then you would know the importance of various time-saving tools that make your life easier. HTML Ipsum is one such tool.

It has got a collection of HTML codes along with dummy lorem ipsum text sample in it. Just click on the title of any of the code boxes and the corresponding code gets copied to the clipboard.

The tool was created by acclaimed designer Chris Coyier when he couldn’t find a Lorem Ipsum site that would give him the Latin text within HTML tags.

lorem ipsum text sample

The site displays most of the commonly used HTML codes like long paragraph, short paragraph, ordered and unordered lists, example form and more. The tool could be particularly useful when one needs to test various HTML tags in a design.


  • Collection of various HTML tags with Latin text inside them.
  • Click on the title of a box to copy the text to the clipboard.
  • Simple and useful site for designers.
  • Most of the commonly used tags available.
  • Similar tools: Lorem2, AdhesionText and BlindTextGenerator.

Check out HTML-Ipsum@

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