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Not every website on the Internet is mobile compatible. One of them could be yours, and having a mobile compatible site gives you an edge over the millions who don’t have a compatible one. Not only that, but statistics show that 50% of mobile searches lead to purchases, especially if you have a business related website!

mobile website tester

GoMo is a simple website, an initiative by Google, that allows users to see the importance of mobile websites, and provides them with resources to convert their website into a mobile compatible one.

You can also “test your site” (mobile version) during which you are asked a few questions. Once done, you are given a rating which shows how mobile friendly your website is.


  • A free service provided by Google.
  • Encourages more users to get their websites mobile friendly.
  • Testing website option shows how mobile friendly the website is.
  • Provide resources to make your website mobile compatible.
  • Similar tools: Mobitest, HTTPArchive, Alertfox, WebsiteSpeedTest, GTMetrix, and Slowcop.

Check out GoMo @


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  1. Techinfo
    November 8, 2011 at 2:05 am

    Their site seems to be broken. Clicking the various links and buttons doesn't do anything.