HowTo: Free and Huge custom poster for your wall

Here, I want to quickly illustrate how to create, huge(up to 20 meters), awesome looking, rasterized wall posters using previously mentioned Rasterbator. It’s free and easy to use piece of software and the whole procedure won’t take you more then 5-10 min(not incl. poster printing and putting it on your wall). Enjoy!

IMPORTANT: This procedure uses considerable amount of ink and if you don’t set printing setting to a moderate level it will kill your cartridge.


1. Get Rasterbator: You can either download it from here or use its web version. Although, keep in mind that online version puts some restrictions on output size and resolution

2. Run rasterbator and select source image

3. Select paper size and alignment: The rasterbated image will be automatically split onto several pages, so you need specify the format of each unit paper(A4, A3 etc) and its alignment(horizontal or vertical). If you plan to print poster yourself then make sure to select paper format supported by your printer(ex; A4)

4. Define output size: Output size is defined by the amount of papers to be used for image width or height. For instance, you can tell rasterbator to produce a poster with a width equivalent to 12 horizontally-aligned A4 papers(see poster below).

5. Set rasterbation options: Specify color and resolution settings

6. Select output directory and press Press ‘Rasterbate!’

7. Done: Print it and put it on your wall

rasterbator example   HowTo: Free and Huge custom poster for your wallauthor

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how did you glued it on the wall?

Ivan Minic

Looks like a very cool idea to me :)


What’s the image you are using, I’m sure I’ve seen those guys before.


it’s from the movie; the boondock saints


The poster is cool…but that crotch rocket ruined it.


Nice BIKE!!!! And nice poster I used to have a huge one of wayne static on my wall.

Psychic Readings

lol funny..

Do it yourself

Directions for Rasterbator huh? Lame. Look, I’ll simplify your entire blog in this comment:

Go Here —->


Awesome! The Boondock Saints FTW!


people, that’s not my bike, neither it’s my poster. I wanted to illustrate how good it can look.
Although, now I feel like showing off my Ducati along with mine rasterbator creation. As soon as I get matching frames, I’ll post it on about page.


You don’t really need Rasterbator!
Upload an image from your computer and choose how many sheets wide you would like your poster to be; Once you’re happy with your selection, you can download the PDF file containing your newly created images and print each one massively blown up, resulting in a huge poster to stick on your wall …


Very cool. Your article was quick, simple and to the point.

David E

I did this with a giant Chuck Norris picture. we put it up with some tape and alot of staples directly into the wall. This method was not particularly clean for our walls, but has lasted a really long time (been up over a year).


GET RID OF SNAP! IT’S ANNOYING! Oh, and cool idea.


long time searching for something like this!
but how can i do this point effect with photoshop?

please help me! thank you


thanks Hank, actually you’re a 2’nd person telling me that. Next week I’ll run a poll on it . If majority votes against it I’ll remove it.


is that a couch and carpeting in your garage or do you always park your motorcycle in your living room.


Awesome! I made one this afternoon and put it up on my wall with blutak (man that was a lot of blutak…) Thanks for spreading the word!

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Very nice I’m gonna try this when i get home lol

All I need know is a good picture..


To bad you had to print a picture from such a stupid movie about right wing religous nutt jobs shooting anyone who they think is a sinner. Horrible. Shame on you.


refer to comment above


Just tried to print a picture of winston churchill (black and white) mostly black. 6 X 4 A4’s. Printed 12 pages then my ink ran out! :-(

Looks god so far… gona invest in more ink tomorrow! :-)

Great software, bit harsh on the ink. Any one know any tricks on reducing ink usage?


The start filling ink in cartridges at home. I’m filling mine with ink just fot about a 1.2$ per cartridge.

Gotta love the Boondock Saints!!!

Graham Fitzjohn

How do you stick the prints up without the ink running
from the paste you apply to the back of the paper ?


love the concept but not the picture.


how does it work for MAC’s?


@sylvia: You don’t need a Mac Version…if you use Photoshop you got an option in the output settings for printing to create tiles posters…same for PC, but there you got the program ;)…


Dude! AWESOME! Love the saints!

Fred Fortin

really nice poster!

that guy

The saints are awsome, the pic is great. And for those of you who don’t like the movie… re-watch it with an open mind…. shame on you for only picking up the obvious.


great toy…
used to do these for the loft i lived in a while back….

as for the boondock st’s, they weren’t right wing religious anything.
they were a couple of irish guys who got fired from their meatpacking jobs, so they decided to start killing mafia guys for cash…
not because they were sinners, but because no one would really give two big turds about a bunch of mobsters getting offed.

take off your blinders…
hate the movie for it’s premise of casual violence, and ron jeremy cameo, as opposed to some right wing agenda your medication helped you imagine….

personally, i agree with the previous awesome except fr lame crotch rocket, but thats a personal bias against crotch rockets.


how’d you get a high res image??


You’re an emo douche who parks his motorcycle in his room.


razta: if you’re printing a lot of black stuff, just use black colored paper already bought from a stationary shop.

to all you idiots who think that thing is glued. WTF?? since when do you glue paper to walls? ever heard of blue tak?

mark boyce

whats that poster/picture from?

Mikey Boom

cool site man, i dig it


I wonder if ironing the backs of prints on walls would transfer? It would make a good base for a mural if it worked.

Thanks for the cool tutorial 8^)


craigeth: Wouldnt the printer still print the black parts of the image? How would you let the printer know your using black paper and not white? Cant seem to find anything in the printer settings.


if your printer came with custom software try looking there. You may also check out download section on manufacturer’s site, maybe they have something for this.


Leave the guys picture alone!!! He didn’t put i up here saying “look at my awesome picture choice” he put it up here to show what you can do. If you don’t like the picture, DO ANOTHER ONE!!!

Siddharth Menon

Wow nice .. will check this out nw.

Windows Vista

How to keep the resolution intact !! I have 1600×900 image and its coming kinda hazy …

da printer is fine tho.

K i ll check some settings in da mean time.


I don’t there is a direct way to keep resolution intact, at least not with ratserbator. However reducing dot size(in settings) leads to higher resolution. Make sure you got lots of ink though before you do that :-)


How did you get The Boondock Saints picture greyish, what tools dod you use? I’ve used the rasterbator before but that is with colour. Please reply.


I am not the one who printed this image out. There is a link to the authors’ profile next to the image. He can be more helpful with this. Although, grayish effect can be achieved by choosing light black color as a base color for rasterbation.


Brilliant! I wish I had this in my first year of uni, this is any art appreciating students dream, free giant posters of anything you like, class.


Very cool! I only wish that the program had a name that you could say out loud without fifteen people turning around and looking at you…


Cheer up, emo kid


hi all. nice blog. its very ineresting article.


I have just printed my own picture out, its great. However, does anyone know how I could print this out using the inserts for a cd. It would still be letter sized paper however the margins would be reduced significantly. My goal is to print this off, slide them into CD Jewel cases, and then hang the CD jewel cases on the wall. Just trying to do something a little different. Any thoughts?

Michael R. Barrick

Been there, done that. I used to print multi-panel posters like this using strips of fan-fold paper in a dot-matrix printer twenty years ago.


where the hell you get these high ress pictures


how did u stitch those papers to the wall
some king of tape, or glue



Sounds awesome… Although, I am not sure how this can be done. Check out if rasterbator (or similar) provides custom option for paper format option (A4/A5/ etc.). If it does, then simply entering CD-box side lengths as paper size parameters should do the trick.



It’s not my poster… I think I would use glue.


To avoid damaging your walls, try using double-sided scotch tape. I’d have some extra paint on hand — you might have to do some touching-up when you get ready to move, but that way you don’t have to use glue. And blue tak will make the poster look all lumpy.


This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Thanks for informative article


You’re welcome. ;-)


Nice R1 I cant belive anyone could actually be arsed to do this…i can remember the first software that did this :) never thought it would catch on when getting poseters printed is relativly cheap.



The thing is when it comes to web, even cheap is a lot.



Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!



where can i find picture-poster like this?


it’s a poster from the movie ‘Boondock Saints’.



great job!!!



Whats plugged into the wall.. It’s an awesome poster but were does the wire lead?


I guess some electrical appliance. One thing for sure, it has nothing to do with poster.


Hi all!

Very interesting information! Thanks!



I downloaded the Rasterbator and the Net Framework files, but when I rasterbated the image, the PDF just comes out as a series of large dots – the former image is unrecognizable. What could be the issue?


@ KRoq

It seems to me that your resolution settings are slightly messed up, probably too low. I would recommend following. Before printing anything large, first try to rasterbate your image on 4 A4 sheets (2×2) and keep resolution settings on relatively high level (smaller dots). If it works out well, it means there is nothing wrong with your settings, and probably you just did something wrong on your first try.


This is great. I will have to make one of my son on his wall. Thank you

Proofreading Services

Awesome tutorial. I want one of those.


1) How many times can Aibek say this is not his room, poster or crotch rocket before people catch on?

2) This is sweet; I’m worried about the ‘glue’ on my wall though. That blue-tak stuff sucks as it leaves an oily dot on your wall and paper, and it also leaves weird bumps where you press. Does anyone have any other ideas?

3) This is not Aibek’s room, poster or crotch rocket :D


christian jean

My black ink cartridge was brand new, and costed me somewhere between 15 and 20 euros (that makes what in dollars, think about it, damn) . I say “was” because I printed one little poster (9 pages) of a black and white image. In just 9 pages it killed a cartridge that was completley new. I wanted to do a temp job of covering up a hole in my bedroom door before my family came all the way from america to france to visit me, and I just screwed myself. should have just bought a 5 euro poster cuz the end result was just 9 pages of black dots which dont even resemble the original image…jesus it just ate the shit right out of my ink, leaving me with something I cant even put up on the door. I wish rasterbator had warned me something like “this will kill your ink, if your even thinking of doing something over a normal poster size, plan on replacing your cartridge once or twice before the printing is done”. I just finished disputing for an hour with my soon to be wife over the horrible waste of money I just accomplished. crap, it took me a year of doing normal letters and copies of forms and stuff from time to time, before I finished my last black cartridge, and just killed an entire one in one fell swoop of 9 pages of printing. thanks rasterbator. and of course, as I have been told, it wasnt rasterbators fault, it was mine for not realizing that 9 pages would do what took me a year to do with normal printing. just a warning to anyone who might do like me and print without thinking about it first. this whole thing just ruined my day. I’m getting married in week, have bills coming out the ass, and really didnt have 15 euros to piss away for nothing, and then had the pleasure of getting my ass royally bitched out for it. cool. wonderful.



Hey buddy, I am very sorry to hear that. I updated the post and added “important” note to warn other users about it.

Travis McCrea <– You should also check out this site… same thing, only less complex and no “waiting in line”


is there any way to put each of the tiles into an image file instead of printing? so i could go to some school library and print these quickly instead of using my ink or a relatives ink


sooooooooo awesome


bondocks saints. great movie!!!


Wow! This is what im looking for! Time to pimp my room!


i think it is a motorcycle


IS there anyone who could find a good clean crisp high definition pisture from the Boondock Saints. The same image as the one up top. I have been searching for a long time but I can’t seem to find a good image of it. There are plenty of them online but they are on the smaller size and they are usually not high def.





Jon McCluskey

This is a crazy idea! Only because it looks great and might hurt our Australian Poster Printing business. :P

picture to poster

That’s pretty cool but I would just go to and pay 25 bucks to get a real poster. I don’t have enough time do do this. However, when I was in college I might have done it.