HowTo: Free and Huge custom poster for your wall

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Here, I want to quickly illustrate how to create, huge(up to 20 meters), awesome looking, rasterized wall posters using previously mentioned Rasterbator. It’s free and easy to use piece of software and the whole procedure won’t take you more then 5-10 min(not incl. poster printing and putting it on your wall). Enjoy!

IMPORTANT: This procedure uses considerable amount of ink and if you don’t set printing setting to a moderate level it will kill your cartridge.


1. Get Rasterbator: You can either download it from here or use its web version. Although, keep in mind that online version puts some restrictions on output size and resolution

2. Run rasterbator and select source image

3. Select paper size and alignment: The rasterbated image will be automatically split onto several pages, so you need specify the format of each unit paper(A4, A3 etc) and its alignment(horizontal or vertical). If you plan to print poster yourself then make sure to select paper format supported by your printer(ex; A4)

4. Define output size: Output size is defined by the amount of papers to be used for image width or height. For instance, you can tell rasterbator to produce a poster with a width equivalent to 12 horizontally-aligned A4 papers(see poster below).

5. Set rasterbation options: Specify color and resolution settings

6. Select output directory and press Press ‘Rasterbate!’

7. Done: Print it and put it on your wall


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