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It is good to tour the world but probably not the best idea to be prominent as a tourist as it allows people to rip you off in more than one way. HowNotToBeATourist is a great guide that shows you how to look, act, live like a local citizen of the city you are visiting and mingle in just perfectly. The site currently only covers five cities, New York, London, Paris, Singapore and Melbourne, but gives awesome tips.

For example, you can view sample photos of how locals dress in London versus how tourists dress up. It tells you a list of Do’s and Don’ts for that particular city and even allows you to ask questions from the locals. The site also displays information on how to live in that city including pictures and room listings. It is a great site with tons of information but is very easy to skim through.

act like a local


  • Know how to appear like a local citizen in a foreign country.
  • Get tips on Do’s and Dont’s.
  • Ask questions from the locals.
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